Westfield, MA

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Served by Pioneer Valley Railroad connecting with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern via PAS


  • Two unique facilities dedicated to Rail-Truck transload service for a wide variety of goods: 170 Lockhouse Road and 100 Springdale Road
  • Over 130,000 square feet of combined dry warehouse storage capacity
  • Up to 9 acres of exterior storage
  • Easy access to I-90 and I-91
  • Fenced with on-site security
  • Excellent trucking rates accessing many “backhaul” lanes
  • 45 ton crane and multiple heavy forklifts with 37,000 lb. capacity
  • 16 car spots
  • Truck scale on site
  • Food grade acceptable
  • Switching on demand

For information on rail transloads contact Milt BrillĀ at (413) 562-1408.