sam-pinslyPinsly Railroad Company is one of the oldest short line railroad companies in the United States. It was founded in 1938 when Samuel M. Pinsly purchased and rehabilitated the hurricane-damaged Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad in Massachusetts and Vermont, which was threatened with abandonment.

Pinsly remains today a company focused on acquiring short line railroads and revitalizing branch and feeder lines of Class I and regional carriers. Pinsly has achieved steady growth by maintaining a focus on the needs of its customers and by developing strong partnerships with its connecting carriers.

Through a series of strategic short line acquisitions, Pinsly now owns and operates numerous railroads and warehouse/distribution facilities. The railroads include the Florida Northern, Florida Midland and Florida Central, all in Florida, and the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts. Pinsly’s subsidiary, Railroad Distribution Services, provides warehouse, reload, and distribution services.


1938 Samuel M. Pinsly purchases the Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad, fondly known as the Hoot, Toot and Whistle. Pinsly Railroad established with headquarters in Boston.
1930s-1970s Pinsly acquires abandoned lines from larger railroads and bankrupt regional carriers. Railroad industry struggling under government regulation. A number of major railroads are in bankruptcy and smaller carriers are struggling as well.
1980 Staggers Act deregulates railroads. Class I Railroads begin to create short line opportunities.
1982 Pinsly acquires Pioneer Valley Railroad.
1985 Pinsly creates Railroad Distribution Services with first location in Massachusetts.
1986 Pinsly corporate headquarters moves to Westfield, Massachusetts. Pinsly acquires Florida Central Railroad.
1987-88 Pinsly acquires Florida Midland Railroad. Pinsly acquires Florida Northern Railroad. Pinsly establishes Railroad Distribution Services in Florida.
1990 Florida Central Railroad acquires Orlando Subdivision from CSX.
1992-93 Pinsly acquires Arkansas Midland Railroad. Pinsly establishes Railroad Distribution Services in Arkansas.
2000 Arkansas Midland Railroad acquires North Little Rock Branch from Union Pacific.
2004 Arkansas Midland Railroad acquires Warren Branch from Union Pacific.
2005 Florida Northern Railroad acquires West Coast Subdivision from CSX.Arkansas Midland Railroad acquires Cypress Bend Branch from Union Pacific.
2008 Arkansas Midland Railroad acquires Jacksonville Branch from Union Pacific.
2010 Arkansas Midland Railroad purchases from Potlatch the Prescott and Northwestern Railroad Company and the Warren & Saline River Railroad Company.
2011 AKMD purchases the southern segment of the Norman Branch from Caddo Valley Railroad.
2014 Pinsly divests its entire Arkansas region.

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